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All of three RZG garnet deposits are ideally low-cost open pit mines strategically located in Shandong and Jiangsu province, nearby eastern coastal of China. Another favourable feature is that the deposits either located on small hilly land or on flat country with negligible overburden and minimal waste. Low elevations (20-50m) and reasonably mild climate allow for year round operations.


Rizhao is a costal city located southwest of Qingdao City. Our Rizhao mine site is southwest of Rizhao downtown. The favorable Rizhao garnet deposit hosted in hard rock eclogite is over 30 million ton. The garnet at this location is superior in quality and concentration, containing an estimated million tons of rutile mineralization as well.

After removing the topsoil and overburden, explosive has been employed to blast the hard rock into loadable size. Since our start in 2009, hundreds thousand tons of blasted ore had been excavated. The raw garnet ore is stage crushed to 3-5cm in a nearby crushing factory (500m from the pit) prior to be transported by truck to the processing plant facilities10km northeast of the mine for further process.

Access to the Rizhao site is via National Road 204 and Highway G15-11 pass by east of the mine.

Lianyungang mine (in Donghai County)

Lianyungang is a prefecture-level city in northeastern Jiangsu province and borders Rizhao to its North. The city was known in the west as Haichow.

RZG purchased Lianyungang garnet deposit in 2012. This garnet deposit has been known as the largest discovered garnet and rutile deposit in China and famous for its high content of rutile. With the purchase of the deposit, RZG has ownership of Lianyungang mine project, consisting of its entire mining properties covering an area of over 1.4 million square meters. Several extensive researches for this huge property were completed; a conservative estimate suggests 5 million tons grading 2% rutile and over 250 million tons of garnet (80% or better) together with big quantity of other valuable minerals such as high purity silica (excellent material for silicon), precious crystal and etc. The largest jewelry crystal is by the side of the pit.

This property was intensively explored for rutile in 1980s. The unusual garnet content was ignored at the time. When the various uses for garnet were investigated, it was discovered that an enormous market existed for abrasive blasting media, waterjet cutting and possible filtration media. Local villagers noted the commercial of producing garnet abrasive. By end of 2011, it peaks to over 200 poor family garnet makers. Their poor processed dusty garnet had been mainly serving China waterjet cutting market at extremely low price(no cost) with some quantity exported through trading company to low quality market in southeast, North America and west Europe. None of them was capable to invest and establish a regulated company. All of them stole mine in the night with simple hand tools in the beginning and employed excavator recently (Because the government control the explosive strictly and no one can get it without legal mining permission. They got no desire to pay for the legal mining permission from the government. This wild and non-planning mining hurt the local environment badly. Wild discharged tailing mine block the river passing through village. Non-regulated mining destroyed the fertile farmland.

The local government put big effort on controlling the mining stealing and got exhausted during the past few years. We bid the property in 2012 and are building up a new state-of-the-art refining process factory by side of this open pit. Superior high purity garnet product from this new bigger facility will be available by 2015. Meanwhile, Rutile production will significantly reduce the production cost that can make the superior garnet to compete with common abrasive, like silica, slags and etc.

Explosive blasting will be employed as well in this project. Blasted ore in the open pit will be loaded onto conveyor with the excavator and conveyed to the crusher in the neighboring process factory for detailed wet and dry process. Big truck transportation cost will be saved out.

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