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1586767136873244.pngThe establishments of the Rizhao wet and dry processing plant on its present location in 2009 was a significant milestone in establishing the producing RZG Garnet as high quality abrasive with high purity and proper quality control. The Rizhao refinery factory was build up on an abandoned gold processing factory. Lots of the gold processing construction was borrowed to make the present garnet refinery facility.

The closed circuit crushing and screening is employed in our Rizhao wet and dry processing factory located 10km Northeast of Rizhao mine site.

Wet Processing

Staged crushed rock ore is put through a series of crusher resulting in 6-40mm pieces of particles. Then they are put through a vibrator to separate out larger pieces. Extra-large pieces of particles are then sent back through the crushers until they are proper size.

Once ore particles has been crushed, it is put into a grinding mill via the vibrating feeder. In the grinding mill, garnet particles are cleavaged into small purity garnet grains sizing from 1.5mm - 0.09mm. These garnet concentrations are screened to different grades that are the form used in blasting and water jet cutting. Spiral gravity separator employed to separate green garnet from red ones. And during the screening, the concentrated garnet grains goes through several stage of final washing with sufficient fresh water (consume 560 cubic meters / hour) to ensure the product is extremely clean and low chloride levels, well below the international standard.

Strict sampling and Laboratory testing are conducted for consistent quality of the new semi-processed garnet concentrate that will then stockpiled for further dry process.

Dry Processing

The stockpiled half-dried semi-refined garnet concentrate feeds through fired rotary dryers, several magnetic separators to remove any final impurities. Sampling and Lab. tests are performed again for garnet purity, size analysis, chlorides, conductivity to guarantee consistent high standards of RZG garnet product.

The end line of the dry processing plant is the packaging section. Pure RZG Garnet filling 25kgs multi-layer paper bag, 25kgs water-proof poly bags, 1ton or 2 tons sacks upon different customer  request.

Nowadays, the plant is operated by a group of knowledgeable employees with a few labors serving in packing, loader drivers, doorkeeper and cook. Forklift truck and container loading platform is available for quick loading shipment. Most of the workers have worked with RZG and grew up together.

The plant has undergone various technical and equipment upgrades to keep up with the increasing demand for RZG Garnet from domestic market and abroad. RZG commissioned the new state-of-the-art wet and dry plant with a design capacity of 150,000 TPA. Substantial investments have been made during the past years.

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