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Abrasive blasting or "Sandblasting" is used to strip steel surfaces of millscale, old paint and rust, or clean any surface of most material.

The dust from Silica Sand, the "cheap" material of choice for generations can cause silicosis and is known to be a serious health risk (often fatal) to the human respiratory system. Silica is banned from use in many countries, in California and by the U.S. Military.

The major alternative abrasives, metal or coal slags, are by-products of copper and nickel smelters or boiler operations. These materials usually contain numerous heavy metals, often toxic elements and frequently corrosive chlorides. Slags cannot be used where the spent abrasives can enter the environment such as blasting on most bridges.

RZG Garnet stands out as truly superior in all aspects as a blasting abrasive. RZG Garnet (S.G. 4.1) is considerably heavier than silica and slags, is extremely hard, contains no free silica and is chemically totally safe.

What the industry needs is a consistent, reliable supply of garnet abrasive at a competitive price.

RZG has discovered and acquired three exceptionally large (over 250 million tons in total) garnet deposits grading over 80% garnet.

The most favourable of our deposits is, in addition to garnet, also contains some million tons of rutile grading over 2%. The presence of rutile will significantly reduce the costs of the garnet product to a level which is competitive with slags and silica.

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