RZG®AbrasiveRecycling System

Rizhao garnet Ltd. (RZG) specializes in garnet mining and beneficiation, and has long been committed to providing customers with: - efficient, environmental friendly and high-quality RZG garnet and RZG jadecut abrasives - customized recycling

RZG ® is the only pomegranate abrasives company to adopt a sustainable business approach through the design and construction of recycling plants that were created in the Middle East and then developed into Europe and the United States.

In the past, RZG ® has taken the lead in research and development of garnet waste management and recycling, including significant investment in the construction of advanced post-treatment facilities.

Our garnet recycling program provides customers with cost-effective and environmentally responsible options for handling old garnets.

Due to the toughness and low brittleness of RZG ® garnet, RZG ® abrasive can be recycled five times without affecting its reliable high-quality performance.

As our customers focus more and more on economic and environmentally responsible disposal solutions. RZG ® stands ready to support its business with a full lifecycle solution.

Application Scenario: