Jadecut sand blasting abrasive is composed of 70% natural green iron aluminum garnet and 30% natural red iron aluminum garnet. It uses high-quality rock ore as raw material, both of which are famous for their high hardness, long service life and excellent

JadeCut abrasives are composed of 70% natural green iron aluminum garnet and 30% natural red iron aluminum garnet. They are made of high-quality rock ore, both of which are famous for their high hardness, long service life and excellent grinding characteristics. 70%: 30% of the perfect ratio comes from the scientific calculation of sand blasting laboratory of Saint Yida, Germany, and has been verified by practice.

JadeCut sandblasting abrasive can achieve extraordinary cutting speed and uniform surface roughness, easily achieve the high-grade sandblasting effect of sa2.5-sa3, which is harmless to human body and environment. The product price is relatively low, and the cost performance is significantly higher than the traditional abrasives such as slag (copper slag, nickel slag, coal slag), silica, olivine sand, cross stone sand, etc.

优异的表面清理效果 Excellent surface cleaning effect

The jadebast abrasive can penetrate into the holes and uneven parts for cleaning, and thoroughly remove the dirt such as oxide skin, rust, soluble salt, etc. The sand blasted surface has no inserts, no adverse bumps and pits, so it is easy to obtain SA3 high cleaning level, and the surface roughness can reach 30-80 μ m, achieving stronger coating adhesion and longer coating service life.

尤其适用于室外喷砂处理 Especially suitable for outdoor sand blasting

The jadebast abrasive is especially suitable for the field of outdoor sand blasting and corrosion protection. When the sandblasting facilities or equipment have been installed in place, it is impossible to disassemble them into parts to the sandblasting room for derusting, an abrasive capable of sandblasting on site is required: while achieving the sandblasting effect, it is required to have less dust, harmless to human body and the environment, and the price is relatively low (because the abrasive after sandblasting can hardly be recovered by sputtering around). Jadebast Abrasives can meet the above requirements and are ideal abrasives for metal surface treatment in outdoor anti-corrosion engineering.                                

Specification table of sandblasting abrasives:





Sand blasting of carbon steel, manganese steel, new steel, duplex stainless steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, galvanized railings, plastic, glass, stone, tile

The steel plate with serious surface rust, oxide skin or dirt shall be removed, and the surface roughness shall be 30-75 μ m, 60-95 μ M



Deburring of casting parts, matte grinding of aluminum parts, polishing of stainless steel parts, sanding of aluminum alloy, glass grinding and carving, filling and auxiliary materials of abrasive paper for grinding wheel

There is no requirement for surface roughness. Only slight rust, oxide skin or dirt on the surface or burrs on the surface need to be removed to achieve sanding effect



Aluminum parts, stainless steel parts, glassware fine polishing and grinding, leather materials grinding, sand blasting for ancient building repair

It can be used to make polishing paste / wax and do some fine sandblasting, mainly used to remove the surface dirt without damaging the surface of the sprayed object


Application Scenario: