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Rizhao garnet mining 2.11 billion rutile new material project settled in the East China Sea

On February 28, the county government and Rizhao garnet Mining Co., Ltd. held the signing ceremony of investment contract for eclogite type rutile mining, beneficiation and deep processing project. This project is supported by Zhengzhou Institute of mineral resources, China Geological Survey, Department of natural resources, with Mayor Fang Wei and deputy mayor Xu Jiabao; county Party secretary Zhu guobing, county head Gao Meifeng, deputy county head Kong Fanqing and Xue Jian attending the signing ceremony. Fang Wei and his delegation met with Guo Zhenxu, member of the Party committee and deputy director of Zhengzhou Institute of comprehensive utilization of mineral resources, Chinese Academy of Geosciences, and Zou Jun, Secretary of the Party committee and President of Huarong Innovation Investment Co., Ltd., and had in-depth exchanges on accelerating the construction of the project and creating win-win results.

The first phase construction of rutile new material project of Jiangsu Zaitong New Material Co., Ltd. is mainly to construct the annual production capacity of 600000 tons of eclogite type rutile ore dressing plant and deep processing workshop. After completion, the annual output value is expected to reach 500 million yuan, with remarkable social and economic benefits. Phase II is planned to start construction in 2021, with an annual output of 1.2 million tons of eclogite type rutile mining, beneficiation and deep processing projects. The project is strongly supported by the governments of Lianyungang City and Donghai County, Jiangsu Province.

  Signing ceremony site  

The successful construction of the project will continue to improve the annual production capacity of garnet, and provide customers with rutile, omphacite, RZG garnet sandblasting abrasive, jadebast sandblasting abrasive, RZG garnet water jet sand, RZG garnet powder, RZG garnet filter material and RZG garnet wear-resistant aggregate and other products.

The total investment of the project is 2.11 billion yuan. The successful signing of the contract also indicates that the deep processing industrial base of rutile and garnet will be launched in Donghai County. At the same time, the construction of the base will focus on the extension of the industrial chain and the construction of high-end application projects of rutile and garnet, which can improve the added value of mineral products and turn resource advantages into industrial and economic advantages.