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How to choose garnet abrasive?

For garnet sand, both in industry and life, sand blasting can not be used as abrasive. But not all the garnet sand can be used as sand blasting abrasives. Sand blasting requires a lot of garnet sand, and one of the most important is chloride content. Then, how to choose garnet sand abrasives?

How to choose garnet abrasive?

The quality of the sand produced by some manufacturers in the market is relatively poor. The content of chloride in these inferior sand is relatively high, which will easily produce soluble salts. In this environment, sandblasting will produce a penetrating foam inside the layer, resulting in corrosion and oxidation inside the workpiece, thus affecting the service life of the layer. Therefore, when choosing garnet sand, it must be certain. To choose professional garnet manufacturers.

During the production of Rizhao garnet sandblasting abrasive, it has been washed for 6 times, and the dust content is very low. At the same time, due to the large ratio of RZG garnet sandblasting abrasive and fast settling speed, there is less dust and excellent working environment during the sandblasting process. Moreover, the abrasive particle is a kind of sand blasting abrasive with small particles, many edges and corners, ideal hardness and specific gravity. It can go deep into the concave and convex position of the workpiece and the hole position for cleaning. Sunlight garnet sand blasting has reached the standard of SA3 high-grade sand blasting abrasive.

Dust is common in the process of sand blasting. For example, copper slag and quartz sand with light specific gravity will produce floating objects and may contain free silicon. If the general garnet sand is rough in the process of processing, it will cause dust and dust in the abrasive, which will cause trouble to the operators. Rizhao garnet sandblasting abrasives are monitored by computer in the whole process, and there is no need to worry about this problem in multiple processes.