Rizhao garnet Ltd. (RZG) specializes in garnet mining and beneficiation, and has long been committed to providing customers with: - efficient, environmental friendly and high-quality RZG garnet and RZG jadecut abrasives - customized recycling

 Why RZG Crushed rock garnet?

You have made a significant investment in your Waterjet cutting equipment. With RZG Garnet, you can be confident you will maximize production and safeguard your investment.

RZG Garnet is a crystalline hard rock garnet which produces very sharp angular grains during processing. These sharp angular grains provide superior cutting speed, straighter cuts(less taper) from top to bottom and cleaner edges.

High standard of processing ensures high purity garnet and highly accurate sizing of grains. This ensures there is no dust or ineffective fine grains to restrict garnet free flow and no oversize grains to block focusing tubes. A steady flow of garnet to the focusing tube and no blockages allows uninterrupted production without downtime resulting in optimum efficiency and lowest production costs.

RZG Garnet is produced by the largest China producer of industrial Garnet-Rizhao Garnet LTD. Rizhao Garnet LTD owns three large-scale mines with a reserve of over 250 million tons of garnet.

The entire automated production processing includes 4 times crushing, 6 times washing, 3 times magnetic separation and 4 times screening, ensuring an annual output of 100,000tons of garnet and promising the highest standard of quality in respect of mineral purity and meeting stringent requirements of ISO 11126-10:2000E for chloride and free silica content.

RZG Garnet is supported by an extensive network of dedicated and professional distributors and stocks located around the world.

RZG JadeBlast is non-toxic; there is no silicosis hazard, leachable heavy metals or radioactive contaminants.

RZG Garnet is available in 25kg (55lbs) paper bags shrink wrapped onto a 1000kg (2200lbs) or 2000kg (4400lbs) pallet.Alternatively, RZG Garnet is available loose inside either a 1000kg (2200lbs) bulk bag with an inside plastic liner on a pallet.

RZG Garnet Optimum Setup

RZG Garnet offers a choice of grade to match any focusing tube and orifice for any given cutting application.RZG Garnet 80mesh, the most popular waterjet abrasive grade used worldwide, delivers the optimum balance of cutting speed and precision edge.

For high speed cutting, we recommend RZG Garnet 50mesh, which in some cases can deliver up to a 30% increase in cutting speed but at the expense of a reduced precision edge.Where a high precision and minimum tolerance edge is required we recommend RZG Garnet 120mesh.

Waterjet Cutting Applications

RZG Garnet waterjet cutting abrasives grades are available to meet all of your specification project requirements.

Application Scenario: